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EU & DECC launch the Development of Solar Energy in Danang (DSED) project

Updated at Saturday, 04 Nov 2017, 16:32
The Hanoitimes - On Nov 3, the European Union and the Danang Energy Conservation Centre hold the official launch event of the project entitled "Development of Solar Energy in Danang" (DSED).
The project aims at promoting the development of solar energy in Danang, through data collection, information sharing, awareness raising and training, targeting policy makers, SMEs and Households.  Pilot projects for a limited number of households and 5 public facilities will also be installed. Finally, the DECC showroom upgraded.
Up to know the showroom only display Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency equipment that are not in operation. The project will allow DECC to acquire more recent equipment, and install it  to concretely demonstrate how Solar Photo-Voltaic panels and produce electricity from capturing free-of-charge energy from the sun, and net metering connects the production to the national distribution grid. Solar Photo-Voltaic is good for economic development, as it creates jobs for production, installation and maintenance. It is good for electricity consumers, as it reduces the monthly electricity costs. It is good for climate, as it does not emit Green House Gases. Hence solar PV is a triple-win option.
Co-funded by the European Union and DECC, the EUR 444000 project will last for for 40 months, from July 2017 until October 2020. The European Union contribution is representing more than 85% of the overall budget.
For this project DECC will also cooperate with ERAV, VSQI, World Bank and GiZ, who are also working on improving the overall framework to drive more investment in the solar energy sector.
During the opening, Mr Alejandro Montalban, Head of Cooperation of the Delegation of the European Union said "Renewable energy and energy efficiency play an important role in the sustainable development of energy. They are a smart and suitable solution especially in the context of the depletion of natural resources. Vietnam has huge potential in renewable resources. Yet, limitation of knowledge and awareness of the benefits and importance of renewable energy and energy efficiency is a barrier to the sector development. Therefore we hope that the cooperation with DECC will fasten the dissemination of solar technology knowledge in Danang".
Tu Anh
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