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Startup from CV writing tool

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The Hanoitimes - After 02 years in operation, for more than 2 years, the TopCV website has over 500,000 users with more than 2,000 employers advertising on its website.
The startup of Tran Trung Hieu has helped more than 100,000 people with impressive profiles find a suitable job. 

Desire for start-ups

With a passion for technologies, since 11th grade, Tran Trung Hieu had focused on learning programming. The first success for his effort was the Iputoo software, a helping tool that gives out the best suited answer for the question raised. This is a support forum for the Vietnamese community, similar to Yahoo Answers at the time, with around 1,000 users. In addition, Hieu is also the co-founder Hanoi Google Developer, a community of application developers sponsored by Google to assist people to get access to the new technologies. 

Tran Trung Hieu and his TopCV website.
Tran Trung Hieu and his TopCV website.
This initial success is the motivation to help Hieu start a business. From the accumulated knowledge up to 3rd year of college, Hieu had the idea to build a software tool to support students still struggling to find jobs after graduation. Recognizing the consumer demand, Hieu and some of his friends started developing a CV software (resume) online job application with beautiful and scientific designed CV templates, thus connecting users with employers. 

When planning this software project, Hieu also had to write his graduation thesis. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Hieu and his team members registered the topic of the graduation thesis as establishing an online CV writing software. After a period of development, the TopCV platform started operating and was officially launched in March 2015.

"The hardest thing to do when starting a business is to find a way for users to know your brand. As we develop our software, we have to use Facebook or cooperate with clubs and universities to promote our brand, "Hieu shared. Therefore, according to Hieu, startup enterprises not only need good products, but also need to know how to optimize marketing with low cost in order to achieve success. Basically, TopCV Vietnam is a start up company with product being the foundation to create CV online in the simplest and quickest way. The application will connect users with recruiters to give the candidate an indirect job opportunity. With this advantage, TopCV pre-designed CV templates can collect data as a filled-in form (such as Google Docs form), allowing candidates to save and update information as well as download the filled-in template to apply the information for many other places. Data filled by users is collected and sorted neatly for necessary steps such as removal and processing. Therefore, employers can find a group of candidates who possess the experiences, characteristics and skills they desire easily.

User base expansion 

After 2 years of operation, TopCV has a total of 500.000 users and more than 2,000 employers advertising in the website. Statistics show that at present, approx. 80% CV submitted to employers are created by TopCV.

Hieu said the advantage of TopCV in comparison with other online recruitment websites are not only the CV online creation tool, but also the function of job suggestion. Specifically, right after users apply their CVs, the website will automatically analyze from its own data to recommend the most suitable jobs. On the other hand, CV once submitted to the website will be stored in the server permanently, thus increasing the chance for employers to find and select the appropriate CVs.

In the coming time, Hieu will continue developing tools providing CV forms for free and charge the expense on employers. Especially, TopCV will target and expand its users base not only to graduate students, but also experienced employees who wants to find another job. Afterwards, the website will continue cooperating with employers to make it easier for applicants and employers to connect with each other.

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